Roanoke, Va – Paintless Dent Repair

Here are some examples of damage we deal with. Keep in mind this information and photos serve only as a general guide. Dents that are on a body line can be vary in price. Dents must be seen by our tech to arrive at a final estimate.


Passatt Quarter Panel-before-after

[su_expand more_text=”AVERAGE DENT ←click” less_text=”↑ close” height=”0″ ]Dime to quarter sized dents, typically your standard door ding.[/su_expand]


Kia Door-before-after

[su_expand more_text=”CREASE ←click” less_text=”↑ close” height=”0″ ]An elongated dent that is a line instead of a round dent. Creases can range from 1 inch to as long as the length of the panel, or several panels.[/su_expand]

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Altima fender before Altima fender after

[su_expand more_text=”BODY LINES ←click” less_text=”↑ close” height=”0″ ]A dent that interrupts the natural body line on the vehicle. Body lines can be a sharp line, or a light curve to the panel.[/su_expand]



Black accord before Black accord after

[su_expand more_text=”LARGE DENTS ←click” less_text=”↑ close” height=”0″ ]Soft ball size or larger.[/su_expand]


Hail Damage Example

[su_expand more_text=”HAIL DAMAGE EXAMPLE ←click” less_text=”↑ close” height=”0″ ]Natural disasters like hail storms can really destroy your car, making it an eye soar and destroying the value. In most cases, hail damage can be repaired without repainting the vehicle, and without the use of any body fillers. If a hail storm hits your area, give us a call![/su_expand]


We can repair even minor collision damage

[su_expand more_text=”MINOR COLLISION ←click” less_text=”↑ close” height=”0″ ]a well trained technician can fix much more than just a door ding. With the proper tools and techniques, minor collision damage can be repaired, as long as the metal isn’t too stretched or mangled.[/su_expand]


Dent Repair in Roanoke Virgina